Media ecosystem, terrier style

Great to meet you all today in class. I’m looking forward to this semester and to getting to know you. I was thinking about your media diets. Did you have any “aha” moments? One thing I heard from a few conversations was the “aha” that things that you do on your phone count as media. I thought the whole ecologies of devices and media were interesting: waking up to an iPad or phone (like many of you, my iPhone is my alarm clock), writing email on a computer, reading for class on an iPad, watching SportsCenter on TV. How were those things different for you two years ago? In high school?

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Media is a moving target (even for Winston, my family’s Norfolk terrier who watches TV, computers, iPhones, Youtube videos, whatever happens on a screen). To him, all screens are windows, so what he sees on my computer or iPad is no different than the rabbit in the yard or the neighbor’s car. For as much as I laugh at him, can I fault him for seeing things this way? He’s probably right. It’s all a media ecosystem that we experience through different screens and windows. The question, of course, is how we discern what we consume.