Reading questions, week 2: Blogosphere

This week, we’re taking a look at blogging and the blogosphere. We’re reading pieces by Paul Levinson and Lori Kido Lopez. Levinson is a professor at Fordham University, and Lopez is a professor of media & cultural studies right here at UW-Madison, just upstairs from us in Vilas Hall.

Some questions for you to consider in your reading (and to comment on here on this blog, if you’re so inclined):

  1. What is the role of audience in a blog? How does audience correlate to topic, and how are some audiences valued over others? Consider examples from both Levinson and Lopez’s pieces in this regard.
  2. What is monetization and how does that play out in blogs? Both Levinson and Lopez write about different ways that people might make money from blogs. What criticisms are there of it?