Clarification for this week’s online assignment


This week, your online assignment asks:

How are you seen as data? 

Please do one of the following:

  • Install the Collusion web plugin to see what your digital trails reveal to the websites you visit. See this quick article for more information. ( ) What did Collusion make apparent? What sites and service are tracking you? Follow one or two of the tracking sites by typing in the URL in a browser. What do those companies do?
  • Visit 10 sites that you might ordinarily visit as you surf the web, including Google and Facebook or another social networking platform if you use one. Log what ads come up. What patterns do you see? What Google AdSense ads or search results come up? Do you see ads from sites you visited? Where and which ones?

In any case, you should answer what sites and companies are tracking you? How does this affect the ads and content that you see? What is your stance: do you find that they cause you to see relevant content, do you find them intrusive, or something in between?

Due Friday in section.