MOOCs & DIY Education

This week, we’re going to be talking about digital media and education– in particular, about MOOCs (“massively online open classes”) and DIY education, or reasons you might NOT want to go school to learn something, whether grad school or even college.

But first, MOOCs. We’re going to be talking about them today in class and I’d like for you to visit them and report back during class so we can figure out exactly what they are.

Some things to answer, some of which you’ll find on their sites, other things you might find by searching (don’t stop at Wikipedia…)

  • Who started it and when?
  • What subjects are offered?
  • What universities take part?
  • How many courses? 
  • How many students? 
  • How many people finish? Pass?
  • How much funding have they raised from venture capital?

Here are some links to start:




UW-Madison and the MOOC: