Update on readings, section & next week

Photo by Jeff Miller, UW Campus Communications, http://photos.uc.wisc.edu/photos/4735/view

We meet in here, in the building on the right! Love our view. Photo by Jeff Miller, UW Campus Communications, http://photos.uc.wisc.edu/photos/4735/view

Thanks for a great first day of class! I’m excited to have met all of you and am looking forward to a great and energetic semester.

A few quick things:

For section this week, you have three readings. You do NOT have a response paper due.

  • Jeffrey Rosen, “The Web Means the End of Forgetting,” New York Times Magazine. This is ONLY available online. It’s slightly longer, but it’s not an academic article so it’s pretty easy going. LINK
  • Nathan Jurgenson, “The IRL Fetish.” This IS in your reader, but if you read it online, you can follow the author’s links. That’s how it was intended to be read.
  • Langdon Winner, “Who Will We Be in Cyberspace?” Winner wrote this article in the early days of the Internet in 1996. He predicts a lot of the things that we see in the other two articles.

In discussion, you might think about how the Internet has affected your life, and how those effects have changed as you’ve gotten your own laptops and smart phones (like the New York Times article). You might consider, as Langdon Winner did, who will we be in cyberspace in another 18 years. Or maybe you’ll think like Nathan Jurgenson does: that there’s no separation between online and offline.

You are allowed to bring laptops to class and section if you would like. Manisha and I would always like for you to have the readings on-hand in whatever format you like: printed out, as a PDF on your laptop or iPad. It’s not that we want to grade you on lugging around your reader. We want your active participation in class and section.

On Monday, your first response paper is due. Manisha will cover this in section, but in the meantime, there are two handouts for you in the Handout section of the site. Be sure you look at both of them. One covers active reading strategies, using the Langdon Winner piece as an example—what to pay attention to as you read. The other is on strategies for writing the one-page response paper.

On Wednesday, the first discussion leaders will be leading our discussion. In section, Manisha will group you into leadership pairs or groups. The first of you should plan to meet with me, if possible on Monday during my office hour (4-5). Either or both of us together would like to meet with you as you get prepared each week for discussion.

We’re hitting the ground running! Let’s do this.