The audience has an audience

TV shows have audiences. They used to “be recorded in front of a live studio audience,” they used to have laugh tracks—sort of an imaginary audience— it was a way to make the private, at-home experience of TV feel more connected to a more traditional audience.

These days, watching TV is connected and disconnected in different ways. How many of you watch TV with another screen (or two, or three) at hand—your phone, your laptop, your tablet? This situation gives rise to a world of fan art in animated gifs and Youtube videos. They are screens on screens. Now, TV watching is a different, more interactive thing.

Watch this short Youtube video and hear Kenyatta Cheese and Kevin Slavin talk about how audiences are changing. Bonus: Kenyatta will be joining our class by Skype later this semester to talk about audiences and viral media (and possibly, his famous dog, Elle).