Digital Dive assignments

Your digital dive assignments are due tomorrow by section. These are less formal than your reading responses, and they’re shorter (250 words max, a half page, single spaced). You should submit them to the Dropbox. 

Here’s the assignment. You can find the digital dive assignments listed here [LINK].

  • Set up (or another RSS reader) and choose to follow 5 blogs that match the interests of your group blog topic. What blogs strike you as well-designed and visually appealing? Why? What blogs strike you as well-informed and loaded with interesting, useful, or provocative content? Why? What blogs seem to have vibrant community participation (comments, backlinks, blogrolls, whatever)? Why?
  • Write a post on the Google+ group that answers these questions. Upload these to the Learn@UW dropbox for your section. In the future, I’d like you to be submitting them online in some way, but I haven’t figured out what’s best yet. I will tell you when we make that change.