Feedback on critical response

Hi everyone,

First of all, most of you did a great job on the first week response. Your response showed that you have read and understood the article and have given it some thought. Here are some suggestions as you go on to writing the response for the next week.

1. Most of you have done an excellent job of summarizing the articles but some summaries are disproportionately long. That leaves little scope for making your own argument. You don’t have to include every single point the author makes. Identify the main argument and if there are several focus on one or two while you make a passing reference to others. Also, rather than describing in detail the examples used by the author (Bert or Jenkins wanting a plain old cellphone, for example) just refer to them in the summary.

2. Learn more about quoting verbatim, paraphrasing, and plagiarism. We will talk about this in the class. The UW Writing Center has some good resources.

3. Focus on making your own argument, develop and sharpen it with examples and good organization. Sometimes thinking of a counterargument to what you think and then addressing it also sharpens your argument.

4. Even in a brief piece like this organization is very important. Use strong topic sentences, concluding sentences, and combine ideas into thematic paragraphs. Polish your word choice and sentence structure.

Please feel free to ask questions. We will discuss these points in the lectures and sections but this is to help you with your next response that is due Monday.

Happy writing:)