Strategies you use when tweeting and instagramming

Last week, Emily & Ilyssa asked you to write down your strategies for tweeting and instagramming. You came up with a great list. Ilyssa asked me to post them here. Do you see yourself in any of the strategies? Judging from your list, humor helps, but so does relevance. Words to the wise, in any case!

-using certain hashtags and posting about an event while its still happening


-I feel that i don’t try to get more on twitter by hash tagging or anything but on instagram I try to make the picture look interesting so people will think it is funny/cool/ect.

-Be original

-I post late morning or late afternoon because people tend to see the post. Also, I avoid sad thoughts and stay with humor and sarcasm

-posting at a certain time or using effects to make the photo look better

-I don’t know about getting likes on tweets, I just joined twitter for this class. I don’t really try to “get more likes” on Facebook. I don’t post often and when I do it is usually pictures.

-Post at a certain time

-Get favorites on tweets by tweeting funny things in a witty way, usually has to be something others can relate to. Instagrams don’t get likes very fast early in the morning or super late at night so I don’t post at those times.

-Using humor or posting things relevant to our friends or followers.

-Hashtags, time of day, interesting, something everyone can relate to

-Fun videos, great articles, beautiful scene, good movies

-Purely by being myself. I don’t post on twitter for favorites or retweets. I post to post.

-Asking friends to like or comment or posting at a convenient time of day.

-Post pictures less often and post good pictures. Post during a time when you know a lot of people will be on their phone or computer.

-Take good pictures, be funny, relevant, time of day, and talk about popular things.

-Make sure the picture or post is funny to get more likes.

-Tweeting a funny, everyday observation that many people can relate can get a lot of retweets.

-Post at times when you know people will be on their phone.

-More likes are generated from the quality of photos or how well the photos relate to likers.

-Using hashtags or trying to write something many people can relate to.

-I use humor or irony.

-Things come up through conversation or groups socializing that are of importance and make us laugh.

-Share it on multiple platforms, tag it.

-Tweet things that relate to others

-More hashtags