Reminders…some for the next week; some for the semester

Hello everyone,

Here are some reminders to get you ready for the next week of the class.

1. We will not be using Google Plus. We will be using the Learn@UW dropbox. Prof. Steenson has updated the Digital Dive assignment page yesterday to reflect that statement.

2. Remember that the assignment page and the syllabus on the blog always have the most up-to-date version of what we’re doing. Follow from the toolbar above

3. Please post questions to Matt Mullenweg on Twitter with the hashtag #j176 or on the blog before Monday. It might help to read some background material on him and his work. Matt’s personal site is His company, Automattic (which owns WordPress) is

4. You will need to make group appointments for the Design Lab: you can find the directions to do so at All the groups must have completed these meetings by 9/27. The design lab is just outside our classroom so you are already familiar with the location!

5. Make sure that you write your response on the readings designated for the week starting Sept. 23. Check the syllabus on the blog.

6. Discussion leaders for the week: get ready for Wednesday, post your questions and accompanying material and see Prof. Steenson on Monday.

7. Have a great weekend!


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