Discussion questions & video from Maggie, Alex & Allie

Hi class, this is Maggie, Alex, and Allie. We are your discussion leaders for the week and we have a few questions we’d like you to think about before class on Wednesday:

1. Paul Levinson writes in his article that blogging is more permanent than books (p. 20). Based on this, what do you believe the potential problems or dark sides of blogging?

2. Is it hard to stay true to one’s authentic self on the Internet? Why or why not? Do you believe the more tightly we become linked to others, the harder it is for us to remain independent?

3. In the video, James Surowiecki asks, “What does [blogging] tell us about our ideas about what motivate people to do things?” What are your opinions?

Please watch the video below on “the power and danger of online crowds.” Thanks!