By tomorrow: start your blog!

A reminder: by tomorrow, you must start your blog. It does NOT need to go live (you will go LIVE NO LATER THAN 10/4) but you do need to:

  • Pick a template for your blog
  • Customize it with your own choices of fonts, colors, etc. You may also want to design some unique graphics to add. Note that WordPress may try to charge you more, so you will be working within the constraints of the public installation.
  • Will you use real names, pseudonyms, or anonymous? Add authors to your blog under the privacy rules your group agreed on
  • Enable comments on your blog under the privacy rules you agreed on
  • Set up comment moderation; figure out how you will divide the labor of moderation?

In addition, you need to create your editorial calendar.

  • Editorial calendar: who will post what days of the week? What will you be posting each week? You can determine this and then put it in your Facebook group.
  • For the first week, you should introduce the blog and its topic, and introduce yourselves. What else would you want a brand new visitor to know about your topic and your approach to media fluency?

You might want to look at last semester’s blogs to see how the students launched their sites.

The schedule is on the Group Blog Assignment page of the website. If you have any questions, please be in touch with Manisha and Molly.