Discussion on gender, race and activism with Jeanie, Marcella & Janice

Hello J176. This week’s topic is GENDER, RACE & ACTIVISM and Jeanie, Marcella, and Janice will be leading discussion. This is a week with the potential for a captivating discussion, and we have some great material, so bring your A-game!

Please, take a few minutes to watch this video. It brings up some great points about this week’s topic.


Here are the discussion questions we will be addressing tomorrow:

In what ways can the Internet and social media outlets act as an agent of social change? Is it successful in promoting this social change?

What are examples of how the media has created positive change and encouraged equality? On the other hand, what are ways in which media has promoted stereotypes and created a negative impact on race relations?

Have you ever participated in social activism online? What was your experience like? What were the results? Do these gestures of online social activism leave an imprint on society?

See you all Wednesday!