Discussion: karaoke, apps & Josiah Leming

Hey it’s Grace, Eva, and Ruilin, your discussion leaders for this week!

First off, we want to talk about a singer who became popular by posting her music on the internet in China. Her name is A-Fu, she covered the song “Nothing on you”– B.o.B feat. Bruno Mars and posted it on Youtube. She became famous since then.

Link of this video(original post):

I also follow her Weibo in China. (Weibo is similar to Twitter. ) I feel close to her when reading her new status on Weibo. Her Weibo address is here: http://weibo.com/afuuu666


This is an app that is popular among Chinese young people. They record their own songs and post them. If you have an account, you can “like” someone and give him or her flowers. Many people have their own fans and become famous. (show screen shots, demonstrate?)

I’ll relate this to the second question.


  1. Do you think the development and application of digital technologies and social media makes positive influence of not?
  2. If you are a musician or a producer, will you use social media or other internet platforms as a marketing strategy and why?
  3. Do you think the public sphere is effiective for solving the political or social issues?

Josiah Leming is a musician who often uses Twitter to communicate with his fans and has even replied to my own tweets. He even followed me on Twitter a year ago when I asked him to on my birthday, and still does follow me. The way in which he communicates with his fans has helped boost his fan support because they feel like he is interested in them. He also often uses his twitter to reveal sneak peeks of new songs, and when he was coming out with a new live album, he would reveal what tracks he was going to be performing live once a day via twitter.

1. Has anyone else in the class had an experience similar to this?
2. How do you think social media can help improve an artist’s popularity?

Josiah Leming’s website: http://josiahleming.com
Josiah Leming’s twitter: https://twitter.com/josiahleming