For our discussion with Mayor Soglin

Our final discussion with Mayor Soglin will be led by Tyler, Jacquelyn & Bridget.

1) Mayor Soglin: How has social media helped your career? Does it make you a better mayor? Did you ever post something on social media that got you in a lot of trouble/got you a lot of negative criticism?

Class: What is your opinion of having a mayor that is so involved with social media and accessible rather than being “untouchable?”

2) Mayor Soglin: Have you noticed a difference in using media now versus your first terms as mayors in the ‘70s and ‘90s? Are you the one that updates your twitter? How careful are you with your posts? Are you worried it might affect you negatively?

Class: Have you ever interacted with a celebrity or politician on Twitter or other social media? How did it affect your perspectives on your relationship with that person?

3) Mayor Soglin: This is your third time around as a mayor and you have such a connection with the city. Has your connection with the people in the city and the city as a whole influenced your use of social media? How was the shift from protesting the “system” to becoming the mayor of Madison and an integral part of the “system?”

Class: Do you think it’s better to change policy through peaceful protest or within the system?

When trying to find the clip from “Two days in october” containing Mayor Soglin to show in class, we couldn’t get it due to copyright laws! Showing this in class would fall under Copyright fair use due to its use as an educational tool.

Class: Do you think we have too strict copyright laws? What are is your opinion of copy left? Should we be moving in the direction of copy left or stricter copyright laws with the ways we use the web and technology?

The first piece of media we are using is for Mayor Soglin. It is an interview of him on the street during the Uprising protests. This shows his willingness to be with the people, his willingness to use Web 2.0, and his approachability as well as relating to his past as a protester.

The second is a copy of “Bound by Law” which is a comic book explaining copyright fair use.