About this course

Digital media is very much a part of our day-to-day lives. For some of us, it’s hard to remember there not being a computer or a cell phone somewhere around us, whether at home or school. It’s not just a question of what we do online and in the digital world, but how and why. What makes up the ecosystem of media, content, infrastructure and devices? When we are creative online, who benefits? (It’s not necessarily us.) And what does it mean when these interactions we have seep into the world around us—not only on computers, mobile phones and smart phones, but into the world around us? Digital media has a history, and yet  things can change at warp speed, over the course of months. In this course, we will try to slow down and examine what makes up a digital media world. We will be analytical and critical about media in the digital age. This 3-credit course, Media Fluency for the Digital Age, is intended for first and second year students but also serves as the School of Journalism and Mass Communication core course for the Digital Studies Certificate program.


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