Discussion leaders

Here is the discussion leader schedule. Please note that we have had to move some people to other weeks. Please check your date and if there is a conflict, let Manisha and Prof. Steenson know as soon as possible. Like many things, this discussion leader schedule is SUBJECT TO CHANGE.

Week 02 September 11    Emily, Ilyssa
Week 03 September 18    Sarah Campbell, Alyssa Robin
Week 04 September 25    Allie, Alex, Maggie
Week 05 October 2          Jordan, Anna Olla, Dan
Week 06 October 9          Jeanette, Janice, Marcella
Week 07 October 16         Elana, Sam, Danielle
Week 09 October 31         Morgan, Allison, Kassidy
Week 10 November 6        Jacob, Elle, Kerry, Chloe
Week 11 November 13      Xiangzhu, Ruilin, Grace,
Week 12 November 20      Brienne, Vanna, Lindsay
Week 14 December 4         Jacquelyn, Bridget, Tyler


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